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生理用品平面廣告-1940s (圖片皆可再放大)

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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1940s
$25,000 Free! 1943
…Today’s Kotex 1942
“8 out of 10” know a secret- do you? 1944
“and Meds are only $.19 now!” 1944
“Be not the last to try the new”…a good rule 1945
“for real comfort, try Meds internal protection!” 1945
“I Didn’t Know It Was So Simple!”-to use Tampax 1942
“I don’t feel like swimming today” [Still The Same Old Excuse] 1943
“I want to tell everybody…about Tampax!” 1942
“I want to wear slacks today-but I can’t” 1943
“Internal protection is the Modern way!” 1944
“It just isn’t fair!” 1941
“It’s a cinch to draw a stack of $1.08’s from a $250,000 jack pot!” 1943
“It’s Quilted” that’s why women choose FIBS, The Kotex Tampon 1940
“Meds ‘safety well’ gives extra protection!” 1945
“Meds internal protection is so comfortable!” 1945
“meds’ internal protection is more comfortable!” 1944
“My Daughter Feels So Sure Of Herself” 1943
“My Mother was a Flapper!” 1940
“with Meds internal protection I feel so safe!” 1945
1942 Swim Suits really Call For Use of Tampax 1942
26 days in April? 1945
Absent With Out Logic 1944
After the Nurse had Discussed it frankly… 1943
Are you young enough to try new things? 1944
Assuredly YES 1945
Calots because 1949
Can You Trust Tampons? –And when? 1942
College girls learn something Not In The Books! 1947
Cotton for comfort! Applicators for daintiness! Safety-well for security! 1944
Do you belong? 1944
Don’t be so conservative! 1942
Don’t Resist The Trend to Tampax 1943
Don’t Wait Another Month before using Tampax 1940
Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo 1941
Fit as a Fiddle… 1942
Free as the wind… 1944
Free! $25,000 In Cash And War Bond Prizes 1943
Fur bracelets and dog collars because 1948
Get Young Ideas-use Tampax 1942
Girls in Slacks at War Plants Hail Tampax 1942
Got any secret longings? 1941
Happiness is a gay ribbon… 1943
Haven’t you longed for comfort-in-action? 1946
High school girls could tell mothers a thing or two! 1947
Housewife: Meds mean comfort to me! Business Woman: Meds mean convenience to me! College Girl: Meds mean freedom to me! 1947
How much freedom can a career girl enjoy? 1947
How times have changed 1945
I wish my Daughter would– I wish my Mother would– 1941
If 8 out of 10 could whisper to you 1944
Imagine! New Modess Now Has A Wonder-Working Deodorant Sealed In Every Napkin! 1945
Improvements Will Happen 1944
It really takes a Woman who can use her own Imagination 1944
It takes a woman to understand… 1943
It’s a “Green” Girl… 1940
It’s A Hit! Try It! The napkin with the triple-proved DEODORANT! 1945
It’s A Real Surprise when you really understand Tampax 1940
Keep going in Comfort! 1941
Look Back To The Days before Tampax 1941
Loveliness is a moon-touched flower 1943
Mary Knew All The Answers! 1942
Modess… because 1948
Modess… because 1948
Modess… because 1948
Modess…because 1948
Modess…because 1949
Modess…because 1949
Modess…because 1949
Modess…because 1949
More Summer Comfort–at lower cost–with Meds! 1943
Mother and Daughter-Which can teach the other? 1944
No More Look-Of-The-Month-use TAMPAX 1942
Now! 3 Sizes of Modess! 1948
Off to Work We Go!… 1942
On Hot “Perspiry” Days… 1941
Out of sight–out of mind! 1943
Perfected by a woman’s doctor 1943
Reduction Of Female Absenteeism 1944
Safety of internal menstrual protection 1944
Sh-h-h-h Listen in! (The Girls are Talking about Tampons) 1941
Sharp Eyes Cannot Tell with Tampax 1941
She who hesitates about Tampax is losing time 1945
Smile- Sister, Smile! 1942
Socially Alert Women Use Tampax 1941
Summer Discovery (Tampax cannot chafe!) 1943
Summer Luxury Year-round Luxury 1947
Tampax Appeals To The Intelligence Of Women 1944
Test your Hollywood Knowledge… 1940
The girls you’ll Never Meet- 1944
The Memory Lingers On 1942
The Modern Way to think about “those days” 1945
These modern girls need Tampax 1942
This Summer More Women Are Turning To Meds! 1944
To meet every individual need… 1940
Twice as effective! Modess with Deodorant 1945
Vacation Discovery! Glorious Freedom Now with Tampax! 1941
War duties lead many women to use Tampax 1943
War Workers are strong for Tampax 1944
What Ruth Learned At College 1943
What’s New in Tampons? 1940
Where are the Bloomers of yesteryear? 1940
Where is the line between generations? 1945
Which Tampon can you trust–and when? 1942
Which Tampon Can You Trust? 1942
Who are they? – It’s Confidential! 1944
Who would know better than the girls in white? 1947
Why Do American Girls rate First For Charm? 1946
Why was I born a Woman? 1941
Why waste your dimes? Keep up with the times! 1944
Wishing won’t make it so! 1941
Women are becoming rebels-easy to see how… 1944
Women at War! Pay Attention to Tampax 1943
Women Teachers! 1944
Worry?-But Why? Get Modess with the triple-proved deodorant! 1946
Wrapped, it looks like a box of note paper…or bath salts…or candy…or facial tissues 1949
You can stay at home and still discover new things! 1947
You’re the fun in his furlough 1942



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