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生理用品平面廣告-1930s (圖片皆可再放大)

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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1930s
“83% of my mail says…Wondersoft Kotex ends chafing entirely!” 1934
“Can’t Chafe” means more than ever on active Summer days! 1936
“I’ll Tell The World Of Women 1939
“O-o-o-o-h!” That hideous feeling of panic–now ended by the new “Certain-Safe” Modess 1935
“Thank goodness for Wondersoft Kotex” 1935
“Women welcome frankness when talking about these Kotex advantages” 1935
3 delicate situations saved! 1934
50% of Canada’s leading hospitals now use the same absorbent of which Kotex is made 1930
85% of America’s Leading Hospitals now use the same absorbent of which Kotex is made 1930
A 45c item that brings $1 sales 1930
Absolutely new 1932
Active days are here again 1938
Active outdoor days demand this comfortable, lasting sanitary protection 1930
All Day Long, You Need The 3-Way Protection That Only Kotex Offers! 1937
An improved sanitary protection 1930
As free as though you were Ten years old 1937
Be sure when you buy sanitary pads specify Kotex 1930
Because it stays soft… stays comfortable 1930
Beware of pads “just like Kotex” 1931
Carefree Comfort For Any Woman 1937
College Girls Lead the Way 1938
Confessions of a Private Secretary 1939
Confidential…To Women Only 1938
Discard old ways…welcome the new! New 1934 Wondersoft Kotex 1934
Don’t Give Up Athletics any day of the month 1939
Every Day of The Month Is a Day of Freedom 1936
Facts about sanitary napkins! 1938
FIBS, The Kotex Tampon, It’s Quilted 1939
Free…The Book You’ve Longed For…And That Your Daughter Needs 1935
Greatly refined in quality, conveniently compact for travel 1930
Have You Been Told-about Tampax? 1938
Have You Wondered, “How Shall I Tell Her?” 1935
Here’s new comfort… New Freedom From Embarrassment For Your Daughter 1934
Here’s real comfort in sanitary protection…specify Kotex 1931
Hickory Sanitary Belts are approved and recommended by leading medical authorities 1930
I am completely at ease 1931
I Confess! 1939
In summer you need this inconspicuous sanitary protection 1930
Invisible Protection Now Perfected! 1938
Know What It Is… To Enjoy Perfect Comfort 1930
Kotex announces the new Patented Equalizer 1933
Long Known To Doctors…Now Discovered By Women 1938
More Women Than You Think-Use Tampax 1939
New Kind Of Sanitary Protection For Women 1938
New Way to Insure 1938
No Belts No Pins No Pads No Odor 1939
Nothing like it! Equalizer Kotex 1933
Now 3 Types of Kotex to suit different women- and for different days 1935
Now great advance in sanitary protection, Equalizer Kotex gives 20 to 30% greater protection! 1933
Now… an Improved Curads still further refinements in quality 1930
Old ways seem crude once you know the lasting comfort of Kotex 1930
Only Kotex Offers 3 Types 1937
Protect Your Health the way millions do…by using Kotex 1931
Put Yourself in this Picture 1939
Sanitary Goods Week! 1930
She Doesn’t Even Think About It! 1935
She knows it’s a dangerous compromise 1932
So dainty herself 1932
Some Call it Luck 1939
Telltale revealing outlines gone, the new Phantom Kotex 1932
There Is No Average Woman–Because it’s right for you doesn’t make it right for me! 1939
There Is No Average Woman–she said-“If I were you”–but I said-“Well, you’re not!” 1939
This is the Life! 1938
This New Sanitary Protection For Every Normal Woman 1937
To Help Your Daughter Into Womanhood…Send For This Free Book 1935
Trust no substitute because “it looks like Kotex” 1931
What every woman ought to know about safe sanitary protection 1930
Why do minds misbehave? 1935
Why endure needless chafing When Wondersoft Kotex Prevents It 1935
Why Patients so Enthusiastically Prefer Tampax 1939
Woman’s World Remade 1937
Women ask me: “What Does Kotex Offer That Others Don’t?” 1936
Women! End Accident-Panic! Ask For The New “Certain-Safe” Modess 1935
Women! Kotex Price Reduced 1932
Wondersoft Kotex Meets the Comfort Demands Of Modern Women 1937
Your poise and charm are safe with this deodorizing protection 1930


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