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生理用品平面廣告-1920s (圖片皆可再放大)

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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1920s
–shaped to fit, –softened to ease, –deodorizes to protect, The Improved Kotex 1928
“Amazing–so many women must learn this from others” 1929
“Don’t Be A ‘Fraid-Cat, Mother, There’s No Danger” 1929
“Don’t Fuss, Mother, This Isn’t So Fast” 1929
“Hard to say, but I often have to warn the girls” 1929
“I wish all girls knew how important this is” 1929
“If only I could tell this to every business girl” 1929
“It has women’s enthusiastic approval!” The Improved Kotex 1928
“It is trying- but women must face this fact.” 1929
“Marvelous…the freedom with this new sanitary protection” 1929
“Step On It, Mother–This Isn’t The Polka” 1929
“They’re Cute, Mother–A Cotton Nightie Is Primitive” 1929
4 Reasons the Doctor Says “Use Kotex” 1928
5,000,000 Women Have adopted this new way in personal hygiene 1925
A Great Hygienic Handicap that Your Daughter will be Spared 1926
A most convenient vacation item 1923
A New Benefit to Womankind 1920
Above All Things This Brings You Peace-of-Mind 1926
Active Women of Today Are Free 1927
All Dealers Now Have the New and Improved Kotex 1928
Because it’s Smart… Fastidious… Dainty 1929
Charming, Immaculate, Exquisite 1924
Come On, Mother–Be A Sport 1929
Concealment Assured when this new sanitary pad is worn under filmy frocks 1929
Every mother should tell her daughter this 1925
For Your Women Guests 192x
Free… mail coupon below to Ellen J. Buckland, G.N. 1924
Gayest of Frocks- Sheerest of Light Summer Things 1927
Health first 1929
How the Society Woman, the Debutante, Meets the Demands of Daily Modern Life 1925
How War Nurses Found a New Use for Cellucotton 1921
Hygienic Freedom 1927
It took 2 years to perfect the Improved Kotex 1928
Kotex 1921
Kotex- indispensable to women away from home 1924
Kotex: A Suggestion- buy Kotex before leaving the store 1923
Kotex: Ask for them by name 1921
Kotex: Insure poise in the daintiest frocks 1921
Kotex: Kotex completes Milady’s toilette, insuring perfect poise 1923
Kotex: Meets the most exacting needs 1922
Kotex: Women everywhere prefer Kotex 1923
Leave it to Betty to be Comfortable 1929
Misty Gowns and Filmy Frocks 1925
Misty Summer Things 1927
Mother Don’t Be Quaint 1929
Never a Hygienic Worry 1927
Now… A New Way in solving woman’s oldest hygienic problem 1924
Present styles demand an inconspicuous sanitary pad 1929
Scientific Frankness 1924
The Filmy Gowns That Women Wear 1927
The Girl of To-Day Demands Perfect Freedom and Comfort 1929
The Safe Solution of Women’s Greatest Hygienic Problem 1927
This Ends the Worries of Old-Time Hygienic Methods 1927
To Guard Against Emergencies 1922
Two exclusive new features in the Improved Kotex 1928
Under the Most Trying Hygienic Handicaps 1927
What the World Expects of Women Today 1926
What the World Expects of Women today 1928
Why 9 out of 10 smart women instinctively prefer this new sanitary protection 1929
Woman’s Happiness 1925
Women Lose 1926
You dispose of it 1922
Your Allure 1925
Your Fear 1925
Your Life will hold more contented days 1925
Youth Rejects old-fashioned sanitary makeshifts that women used to consider “good enough” 1929



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